Movement and Dance: A somatic practice

Movement and Health: Breathing Space/Dance Art Foundation

For over 10 years I have been working with dance in many different health settings. I feel passionate that dance and movement offer all of us breathing space from everyday pressures, especially to those living with pain and those living with life-threatening illnesses.  To dance is an opportunity to be playful, internal, creative, sensory, open, trusting, allowing, calm, quiet, wondrous and mischievous. It may be a small private dance or loud and bold; it may be expansive or the blink of an eye. For upcoming events go to ‘Classes & Workshops’

Read my article on 'Caring for the Artist' published recently on Entelechy's Ambient Jam blog

Improvisation and site work: Inside/Outside Movement Workshops

Inside/Outside is a one-day movement workshop open to all. Dancing with nature on a sensory and cellular level brings a deep insight into the way one moves and it's a wonderful opportunity to connect with the great outdoors. For upcoming events go to ‘Classes & Workshops’

Autobiographical movement practice: Private Practice and one-to-one Mentorship

For many years, I’ve worked with aspects of autobiographical work but it wasn't until I made my first autobiographical solo, at the age of 40 I decided to be honest, mentored by Helen Poynor, that I began to see the richness and possibilities of this work. By working with dance, drawing and improvisation, students are given the opportunity to explore their own inner landscape. For upcoming events go to ‘Classes & Workshops’

You can see some of my work at my YouTube channel. I will be uploading my  latest film, Mother of Other, in September.

“Kirstie had a very intelligent approach to movement teaching in a context where very few of our students had experience or a desire to partake in that kind of work. She inspired confidence and creativity among the students in my school.”

Tim Roberts - Higher Education Course Director, The Circus Space