Alexander Technique

What is Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is a learned skill, taught by gentle hands-on contact and explanation.   The technique teaches you to reduce tension, improves balance, coordination and ease of movement.  It has often been taught alongside yoga as a complementary practice.  It is also widely used in sports, music and theatre to improve performance and avoid injury.

“If you stop doing the wrong thing, the right thing does itself”

F. M. Alexander 

What are the Benefits

Alexander Technique is especially beneficial to those suffering with back pain. By taking a course of lessons you will learn to: reduce stiffness and pain, move more efficiently, exercise more effectively, prevent strain and injury, combat stress and become calmer, have better posture without force, improve breathing and voice, control balance and stability, and enhance your confidence and vitality.

How much is a lesson?

The price of a single lesson is:  £45.

Regular introductory group workshops are run in Leigh-on-Sea (see workshop page for details).

A lesson for life

The thing to remember is that the Alexander Technique is not a therapy, it is a skill for life. I like to think of the Alexander Technique as a ‘pre technique’ that you can apply it to everything you do in your daily life. It is a very empowering technique and once learnt never forgotten – I think it is the best investment (as a back sufferer myself) that I have ever made.  I now have the tools to make myself feel better, lighter, springier and, believe it or not, happier!

“I recently attended one of Kirstie’s workshops and was greatly impressed with her knowledge of the human body and its mechanics. This inspired me to consult her as a patient and I was not disappointed. She tailored the consultation to my personal needs and I came away feeling that I had been given the tools to improve my posture and reduce my pain levels.” 

Simon Headley B.Ost - Osteopath